Serendipity Meditation and holidays

Meditation, Holidays and Travelling

Personal Growth on the path of Joy!
Serendipity Institute introduces a totally new idea in action: rather than people making space in their life to meditate, what about living their life while meditating? What if they could swim and sun-bathe and enjoy a delicious meal and do water-sports when meditating? What if they could enjoy 4-star accommodation and services while looking inside? What if they could enrich meditation with memorable experiences of cruising in a Greek island or tasting a spicy flavor of Athens and meditate while experiencing it all? What if they were offered the opportunities for inner growth and grounding at the same time?
It is a holistic experience, a new pathway for Creative Living!
Just a breath away from the sea, next to the ancient temple of Poseidon in Sounio – an ancient high energy location, ideal for meditation – and just a 45 minutes drive from the center of Athens, Osho Serendipity Institute for Creative Living is the ideal location for meditation and holidays in one. Here, your choices are endless, the environment is extremely friendly to introspection and the peaceful moments that combine fun, relaxation and pampering are in accordance with your desires. Here the path of personal growth crosses the path of joy!