14-24 JULY 2013



For 11 days the participants will have the unique chance to have the time of their life enjoying a holistic package that combines Meditation, Holidays & Travelling. It is a choice with infinite possibilities to:

  • Make a major jump in your personal growth in a relaxed meditative way.
  • Experience living in a fantastic warm sidesea place, giving you the opportunity to choose between fully aliveness and serenity.
  • Pamper yourself living in a luxury environment both in the hotel and the Institute.
  • Offer healing time to yourself taking massage or reiki sessions, swimming and sun-bathing in some of the cleanest beaches of the world.
  • Enjoy the beneficial and absolutely tasteful Mediterranean diet in a stunning environment in the embrace of a pinewood, overlooking the sea.
  • Taste a magical experience of meditation in the highly charged area of the ancient temple of Poseidon.
  • Feel the pulse of this country, spending the two last days in a semi-guided trip in Aegina, a splendid nearby island and in the neighbourhoods of Athens, wandering in places and spots, shopping and tasting experiences that only a resident would know.



No-Mind Meditation Retreat is a deeply transformative 7-days process, lasting two hours per day. This week is surely a deep self-experience that we built up day by day for 7 days.

During the first hour participants speak gibberish and move freely their body expressing whatever wants to be expressed. To use gibberish, participants don't say things which are meaningful; don't use the language that they know. Simply you allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, and significance - just the way the birds are doing, totally free!

Out of this will arise the second part, an hour of silence. A lot of understanding will shower on you and a great silence will arise into you, giving you a taste of your own authentic free being.

This meditative therapy supports the personal growth of the participants from another angle: the growth does not come from the mind through understanding, but from the soul as a direct experience. Experience comes first - the direct message from the soul and understanding follows. As a result, well-established behavioral patterns we struggle to change for a long time, make a major shift in an easy way as the experiential message we get, is far more powerful than understanding.

At the same time the meditation is extremely beneficial for the body offering the necessary space to the participantsto express in a safe and supportive environment all the tendencies, the stress, the suppressed feelings trapped in the physical body and mainly responsible for the tiredness they feel. In that way, the participants regain their vital energy, feeling again sane, serene and balanced.
No prior experience is needed for the participants.









M.A. in Psychology and Counseling, certified in Primal Therapy, Art Therapy, Meditative Therapies and Energywork. She shares her passion for meditation and for people since 1990’s and she is one of the founders of Osho Serendipity Institute for Creative Living. She is an Osho Therapist with 15 years of experience in working with people and leading groups.



14.7.13 Day of arrival (guided visit to the Institute and the area)

15 -21.7.13 Osho No-Mind Meditation Retreat

22.7.13 Cruise in Aegina Island

23.7.13 Daytrip in Athens

24.7.13 Day of return

Osho Serendipity Institute OFFERS:

The Institute also offers daily two more meditations in the afternoon (Kundalini Meditation and “Evening Meditation”) and a Full-Moon Meditation on the beach, included in the price.

A lot of sessions are also available in the Institute in Reiki, Massage, Counseling, Inner Child, Tarot Reading, Primal Painting and others with an extra charge. Additionally, in the afternoons there is the chance for everyone to participate if he/she wishes in a 2-hours painting group under the big pine tree, tasting the experience of expressing oneself in a playful way in the embrace of nature.

The evenings, “Z the B” café/restaurant of the Institute, lowers the lights, chooses sensual music, turns into a picturesque bar and in a lounge atmosphere, offers drinks in the regulars enjoying the comfortable sofas overlooking the moon or the lights reflected in the surface of the sea.





To book the course please call us (0030-22910 37888)
or e-mail us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
A deposit of 300 euro is needed for your confirmation of booking. Then please send us the deposit as a confirmation of your registration and a copy of your ticket.

How to transfer money from abroad:
Alpha Bank: ΙΒΑΝ: GR15 0140 2030 2030 0232 0000 092, SWIFT: CRBAGRAAXXX

Bank address: 4, Vasileos Pavlou, postal code: 19013 GREECE

Indicate your name and the course name and PYRAMIS S.A as the receiver.


By plane: The airport of Athens, EL.VENIZELOS is 20 minutes ride from Osho Serendipity Institute. You can take a taxi from the airport to the Institute or by appointment we can arrange your transportation from the airport to Serendipity by car.